Canopy Tree Care of Asheville North Carolina
is a Specialist Arboriculture Company
Our Services include:
Pruning, Removal, Consultation, Cabling and Bracing
Lightning Protection, Fertilization, Pest Treatments,
Rope Swings, Zip Lines, Treehouse & More…

About the Owner

Reed Wortley
ISA Certified Arborist CA#-6953A
TCI Certified Treecare Safety Professional #01739

Reed is a father of three little monkeys who lives with his wife of 15 years in Haw Creek. When he’s not maintaining the Urban Forest he’s playing soccer, mountain biking, hiking, climbing rock, discovering large trees in the forest, or continuing to develop his woodworking skills. He also competes in tree climbing competitions in the Southeast and enjoys splicing rope in his free time.

Mission Statement

The Urban Forest is the most diverse ecosystem in the world!
It involves every species of flora and fauna imaginable.   The key to maintaining this ecosystem is by developing and understanding the relationship between it and humans.  I am your ambassador!  It is my role as an arborist to help problem solve or develop an arboreal plan that suits you and your trees! Stewardship, integrity, knowledge, and responsibility set me apart from my peers and competitors.